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Principle of operation of the grid-connected solar battery system:

– Solar panels will absorb solar radiation and convert it into DC power – 1 way. This power source will be converted into AC – AC power through inverter system with MPPT technology (maximum power point tracking) to improve conversion efficiency.

– The AC power from the solar battery system will be synchronized into the grid of the power supply building in parallel with the mains power. The system will give priority to using solar power first:
+ During the day, when there is good radiation: If the electricity generated from solar cells = the consumption of the building. The electricity from solar cells will prefer to use the whole building, not grid electricity.
+ In the afternoon, evening: If the electricity generated from solar cells <consumption load. Electricity will be supplemented from the grid to make up for the shortage.

– When there is no grid power, the system will automatically be isolated. This is the inverter’s Anti-Island protection feature to ensure the safety of the electrical grid and electrical repair personnel.

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